I have several years of experience teaching knitting and crochet classes at my favorite local yarn store where I also work one day a week.  Shout out to Country Needleworks in Jenison, Michigan.  My metalsmithing time has been somewhat limited due to my husband working from home and my youngest son doing remote schooling.  Hammering apparently is frowned upon by people on video calls.  Who knew.  So I've turned to some quieter activities, like designing knitting patterns, when I can't make lots of noise.

These tutorials are a result of my desire to educate and are meant to be supplements to the techniques used in my patterns.  You can find my patterns on my website as well as on Ravelry.

Suspended Bind Off

A suspended bind off is similar to a traditional bind off.  It's advantage is that it makes the bind off a little bit looser while maintaining consistent stitches across the bind off.

How to Finish Your Work in the Round

Anyone who knits or crochets needs to know this trick!  It is a method of finishing your work when knitting or crocheting in the round for an invisible join between the start of your bind off and the end.

Crochet Cast On

The crochet cast on looks just like a traditional bind off in knitting making it great for blankets and cowls where it's nice to have both ends match.  It's also fantastic because it is not a long-tail cast on so you don't have to worry about running out of yarn while casting on.