Solid lotion bars are great for relieving super dry skin. The heat of your hands melts the outer layer of the lotion bar.  A little goes a long way.  I like to use these more sparingly during the day, then put on a thick layer before bed for extra moisturizing.


Perfect for hands, elbows, knees, feet....anywhere you need extra moisture. I'm addicted to these since I've been washing my hands so often! Like my lip balm, these lotion bars are a hold over from the days I used to make soaps and lotions. The recipe has been updated and tested many times!

These lotion bars are 100% natural. Made only with beeswax, butters, oils and scented with essential oils. Nothing artificial!

Each bar is 1.5 oz. Ingredients vary slightly by scent.


Bergamot Eucalyptus: Fresh, citrusy scent.

Ingredients: beeswax, mango butter, almond oil, illipe butter, jojoba oil, hazelnut oil, vitamin e, essential oil

Cocoa Butter Scent: These bars have no scent added. You will just smell the delicious cocoa butter!
Ingredients: beeswax, mango butter, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, hazelnut oil, vitamin e

Ginger Lime: Fresh, clean and scented with essential oils of Ginger and Lime.
Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond oil, illipe butter, jojoba oil, hazelnut oil, vitamin e, essential oils

Rosemary Mint: Fresh and invigorating! Scented with essential oils of Rosemary and Peppermint.
Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond oil, mango butter, jojoba oil, hazelnut oil, vitamin e, essential oils


Tea Tree Tangerine: Scented with essential oils of Tea Tree and Tangerine.

Ingredients: beeswax, hemp butter, sweet almond oil, illipe butter, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, essential oils

A bit about each ingredient:
• Beeswax: Rich in vitamin A with antioxidant properties. Helps keep the bar firm at room temperature.

• Cocoa Butter: High in fatty acids to nourish the skin and improve elasticity. The fat in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over skin to hold in moisture.

• Hazelnut Oil: High in vitamin e and fatty acids, hazelnut oil is an excellent moisturizer and absorbs easily into the skin. Because of that it makes it a great carrier oil to help other oils and butters absorb better.

• Hemp Butter: Hemp butter does not contain CBD or THC.  It is a moisturizing mixture of waxes found in hemp seed oil.  It applies like a dry oil to the skin and is not greasy.

• Illipe Butter: From the nuts of the Illipe tree which grows in Malaysia and Indonesia. Illipe Butter is highly moisturizing and has emollient properties and promotes elasticity which makes ideal for dry skin.

•Jojoba Oil: Jojoba Oil is actually a liquid wax. It is most like the skins sebum, is an antioxidant, is non-comedogenic, antibacterial and a humectant (helps seal skin with a protective barrier to keep moisture in).
• Mango Butter: Super moisturizing and nutrient rich. Mango Butter is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) and is great for treating many types of skin conditions including sunburn and
• Shea Butter: Made from the nut of the African Shea tree, Shea Butter easily penetrates the skin, providing even deeper layers with moisture and nutrients
• Sweet Almond Oil: Contains high levels of omega-6 fatty acids which is excellent for supple skin. It is a great topical skin treatment for sunburns. to lighten skin coloration disorders,
under-eye circles, scars or other blemishes that you want to reduce or eliminate.
• Vitamin E: Helps skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is an antioxidant.

For best results, store lotion bar in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.

Solid Lotion Bars