Sterling Silver bangles in 12 different styles.  Mix and match as you choose!  Or get the set of 12, one of each sty.e.  They are tumble polished and left shiny!


Available styles:
• 1.7mm Narrow - Hammered Texture
• 1.7mm Narrow - Birch Bark Texture
• 2.1mm Medium - Hammered Texture
• 2.1mm Medium - Birch Bark Texture
• 2.7mm Thick - Hammered Texture
• 2.7mm Thick - Birch Bark Texture
• 1.9mm Narrow - Bead Wire
• 2.1mm Thick - Bead Wire
• 2.9mm Braid Pattern
• 4.75mm Cable Edge Pattern
• 5.3mm Rope Edge Pattern
• 4.1mm Berry Pattern


Available in 5 sizes:

XS - 7" (2.3" inside diameter)

S - 7.5" (2.38" inside diameter)

M - 8" (2.54" inside diameter)

L - 8.5" (2.7" inside diameter)

XL - 9" (2.86" inside diameter)


All measurements are inside circumference. See my sizing information on my FAQ page to determine your size. Or, if you already have a bangle you like the fit of, measure the inside diameter and use the sizing chart above to determine the correct size.

Shiny Sterling Silver Stacking Bangles

  • To maintain the beauty of your handmade jewelry I recommend not wearing it while exercising or showering.  Excess sweat and chemicals can quickly tarnish your piece.  Natural oxidation will occur over time on all Sterling Silver, Brass and Copper jewelry.  Wearing them often is the best way to keep them looking good.  Friction from everyday wear actually helps polish the metal.  If tarnish occurs, your piece can be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth.