Unique, edgy, bold!  These stacking bangles are full of visual interest for a big statement.  Whether you choose 1, 2 or all 5, these bangles are sure to draw attention.


Handcrafted by me in Sterling Silver with 14K Gold, 1 K Gold Filled and Cubic Zirconia accents.  Each bangle is completely different from the rest. Because these are handmade, the accents on the bangle with balls may vary slightly from the one pictured.


• Round: 14K Gold Filled wire with hammered sterling silver accents (2mm wide band, 4mm wide accents)
• Spinner: Square sterling silver with 14K Gold Filled spinners (1.65mm wide band, 5.5mm wide spinners)
• Balls: Medium width rectangular sterling silver with 14K Gold ball accents (3mm wide)
• Stud: Narrow width rectangular sterling silver with 14K Gold capped sterling silver studs (2.1mm wide)
• Cubic Zirconia: Wide sterling silver with 14K Gold set 3mm Cubic Zirconia (5mm wide)


These bangles are made to order.

Available in 5 sizes:
XS - 7" (2.23" inner diameter)
S - 7.5" (2.38" inner diameter)
M - 8" (2.54" inner diameter)
L - 8.5" (2.7" inner diameter)
XL - 9" (2.86" inner diameter)


All measurements are inside circumference. See my sizing information on my FAQ page to determine your size. Or, if you already have a bangle you like the fit of, measure the inside diameter and use the sizing chart above to determine the correct size.


To keep costs down, the round bangle and the spinners are made with 14K Gold Filled wire instead of solid gold.  The rest of the bangles have solid 14K Gold accents.  What is Gold Filled?  Gold-filled jewelry is jewelry composed of a solid layer of gold (typically constituting at least 5% of the item's total weight) mechanically bonded to a base of either sterling silver or some base metal. It has the same appearance as high carat gold. The layer of gold on gold-filled items is 5 to 10 times thicker than that produced by regular gold plating, and 15 to 25 times thicker than that produced by gold electroplate.


****NOTE: The wire in these bracelets has been work hardened from being hammered. They will still bend if treated harshly. Forcing a too small bracelet over your hand will cause distortion of the bangle. Please order up a size if you're close to one of the given circumferences.

Hammered Aged Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Bangle Bracelets